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Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ feature just reminded me of this blogpost my son wrote 3 years ago for Nayu’s Reading Corner. It made me laugh, so I thought I’d save it here as I’m sure it’ll make me laugh more in the future, the older he gets :)


(written by me, who is the 9 year old son of Rachel Hamilton)
So, you’re probably wondering what is it like for me having an author as a mum? Actually, you’re probably not wondering that because you don’t know who I am yet, which means you don’t care. So I’ll tell you about me first and my mum second.
nayu book
So this is me. My head is in a book because I like books (and because it’s hard to draw faces). I am nine, I am a boy and my mum is Rachel Hamilton who wrote ‘The Case of the Exploding Loo’.  She said I should tell you it is brilliant. Ha ha. No she didn’t but I’m going to leave that in as revenge for her making me write this blog post.
She also makes me write book reviews for Book Walrus because she says people will like me being honest about things. I am not sure about that. People do not always like me being honest unless glary faces are a sign of liking things. I am expecting my mum to pull a glary face when she reads this :)
 nayu glary
(Mum’s glary face. She does have a nose. I just don’t like drawing them)
I don’t know if all this blogging and reviewing is what people who have authors as mums usually do. I am starting to think it’s just me and I should ask to be paid.
 nayu money
(I wrote money jar on the money jar so you didn’t mistake it for a puddle on the floor. I don’t make puddles on the floor)
First I should tell you the stuff about having a mum who is a writer. Firstly, most of the time you have to say the same thing twice to her because she’s too busy writing her book to listen to you. This makes my sister cross. I get cross sometimes too but there are good sides to my mum not paying attention. She sometimes forgets bedtime and homework. That is good. Although she also forgets dinner and that is bad.
nayu plate
(This is an empty plate. Although if mum forgets to make my dinner, she usually forgets to give me a plate too. Giving me a plate and no dinner would be evil)
Secondly, I’m not sure how much of her ‘busy time’ Mum spends writing her book. She spends 50% of her time looking at YouTube and Twitter and Facebook, and 75% percent of THAT time is spent doing things that aren’t related to books in any way and is just her laughing at stuff.
Thirdly, I have to read her book. First I refused to look at it until it was a proper book because mum kept trying to give me big piles of A4 paper and saying it was a manuscript. Er, no it’s not. It’s a big heap of paper!
nayu paper
Finally I gave up and read it. And, yeah, okay, it was funny and it was good. But it was a bit spoiled because mum came in the room every time I laughed and said ‘What are you laughing at? What is funny? Can you mark it with a highlighter?’
Mum also pulled one of those glary faces like in the picture when her friend asked if I liked it and I said ‘yes, but it is not as good as The Wimpy Kid’. Sorry, mum!
 nayu glary
And finally, I’m not sure it’s fair that mum gets to have her own laptop when the rest of us have to use the same computer, which for the past two years or so has had a virus known as our-computer-sucks-because-everyone-in-my-family-uses-it-itis.
Well, that’s what it’s like having a mum who’s a writer. AND NO, I’M NOT WRITING ANY MORE, MUM. AND WHERE IS MY DINNER?


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