Me on the Radio

Co-hosting Dubai Today with Ray Addison on October 13th 2014, chatting to Helen Spearman about sofas, wedding videos, getting kids back to nature and much more.


‘The Case of the Exploding Loo’ is a recommended holiday read by The Travel Show (about 8 and a half minutes in)


Talking toilets on the 103.8′s ‘Book Chit Chat’ on June 9th 2014. I gatecrash Becky and Zahra’s civilised literary discussion about 18 minutes in and succeed in lowering the tone completely.


Co-hosting ‘Kaleidoscope’ with Suzanne Radford, exploring the lost art of letter writing and the power of putting pen to paper  (in 2 parts)


Discussing libraries with Ray Addison and Penny Mackenzie on 103.8.